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Research Commercialization

Research commercialization at Quatech has kept the company ahead of its competitors. We believe that research innovation and its commercialization create value and is capable of boosting the business. We believe that research plays an important role in value creation in the way that it helps the company to grow too the peak. Quatech’s researches are commercialized and provides new products and services that are used to solve our customers’ problems, as well as helping the company to make significant improvements to the quality of our products and services.

Turn Knowledge To Sustainable Business Growth

We turn knowledge to sustainable business growth by spending heavily on research and innovation. This strategy helps Quatech to come up with many new products and services which keeps us ahead of our competitors. Global mindset, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills provide us with wide benefits for our business. These skills for sustainable development are at the core center to innovation and vital for a productive, adaptable workforce at Quatech.

Discovery The Best Of Local Resources
Sustainable growth for all stakeholder

Create your path to innovation

Innovative development process for your business must start with understanding the target audience of your product or service. It is a very important point of the initial stage, to discover the opportunity in the market, then come back and analyze its strengths, including your business limitations for differentiated innovation by using your business identity. Finally, an understanding of modern technology and selecting the technology to match the company’s resources, and selecting the technology that creates value for consumers at the same time, where QuaTech can help you understand the market, your strengths and the technology, to create innovations that help your business grow sustainably.

Understanding market


Growing the business without understanding your competitors is risky. At Quatech we believe that market research prepares us for changing markets and prevent our business from being left behind by our competitors. We collect and analyse info about our market, including our customers and competitors. We also research any market new market we are moving in on to avoid wasting time and money on failed projects.

Understanding your resource

Understanding your resource

The backbone to project planning is the availability of resource. To increase the odds of success we believe that proper prepare prevent poor performance. That’s why we don’t find ourselves asking a myriad of questions about the ‘Whats’, ‘Whys’ and’ Wheres’ of our resources and their time. We have unified view that puts it all together so that once we sit down to actually plan, it is transparent enough in regards to people and projects. We plan with precision without having to face scheduling conflicts, over/under utilization or mismatches of our resources.

Understanding Technology

Understanding Technology

When you understand the identity of the business and understand the target audience, finally, you need to understand the technology that will be developed as an innovation. Understanding the technology is necessary to bring technology in various disciplines, come to study and apply them to suit the business goals and target groups. Criteria for choosing a technology that can create a great experience for everyone is important.

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