Biotechnology for health & beauty

Biotechnology for health & beauty

Our personal care and cosmetics products are powered with ingredients that are largely bioactive originated from botanical, animal and microbial. From hair care formulations, to antiaging and skin soothing, we develop and use biotech-derived ingredients to alleviate concerns about chemicals, pollution and unfamiliar ingredients. We source natural personal care and cosmetics ingredients using biotechnology in order to provide consumers with solutions that meet their demands.

Discovery The Best Of Local Resources

We act as local company, speaking the local language, collaborate with farmers and adapt local resources and needs in order to ensure we get high quality raw materials and help local farmers with the knowledge that they need. Local farmers are our asset: we respect and care about them. We grow together. We are transparent in the way we choose our suppliers; we partner with farmers and companies that share the same approach and values.

Discovery The Best Of Local Resources
Innovative ingredient for your product

Innovative ingredient for your product

Working with us for your natural active and innovative ingredients is the best choice you can ever make. Quatech innovative ingredients will help your company gain good reputation for your brand success. We make personalized skin care for the customer based on their individual needs. Our process is transparent and our natural active ingredients are affordable in skincare and accessible to all. We have helped many business partners to succeed in markets around the world.

Quatech Ingredients

Pure xanthone extract

Purify Xantone

Nano emulsion extract


Anthocyanin extract


Bromelain extract


Protein hydrolyzate extract

Protein Hydrolysate

Albumin extract


Mango seed protein extract

Mango Seed Protein

Areca nut extract

Areca Nut Extract

Extract from the root of Mahad

Oxy Resveratrol

Organic mushroom extract

Organic Mushroom

Nano sphere


Sustainable growth for all stakeholder

Sustainable growth for all stakeholder

Engaging all stakeholders is an essential part of our sustainability reporting process. From farmers, research institutions, universities to customers, we explain and respond to their reasonable expectations and interests. We address issues before they become a serious threat to our company’s sustainability we build an effective engagement strategy to improve trust, collaboration, open dialogue and information sharing between us and key stakeholders. We communicate with internal and external stakeholders through surveys, questionnaires, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, community panels, or workshops.