Quality Plus is a dedicated innovative company specialized in beauty business consultation, ingredients research protocol, and digital & technology solutions. As such, we are focusing on research and development, and blending niche consumer needs to produce good quality, high ended cosmetic products

Now-a-days we are living in the era of advanced technology where every part of our daily life is penetrated by it in one way or the other. Technology has pervaded not only in terms of making our lives easier but to transform our physical well-being as well. So why is technology important in improving customers’ health beauty? Dissatisfaction with traditional beauty products and the demand for new solutions has propelled the intervention of technology in the beauty and cosmetic industry. The increasing use of devices is indeed revolutionizing the way we look at beauty and wellness therapies today because not only are they effective, they also deliver efficient results.

There was a time where cosmetic and beauty treatments were defined by Botox, nose jobs, liposuction, and eye lifts. With the advent of new technology and techniques, all these are now taking a back seat to make way for non-invasive cosmetic procedures that can bring curative benefits without the pains associated with surgery. Today, the non-invasive beauty treatments procedures such as facial fillers and rhinoplasty for combating wrinkles, chemical peels and microdermabrasion for anti-ageing to ultrasound frequency and cryotherapy for contouring body fat not only give quicker results but are also less expensive than their surgical equivalents with much lower risk factor.

Natural Ingredient Exploration

Quatech is exploring Thai herbal and natural ingredients which have been identified as a niche market. To overcome labor cost, Quatech is implementing strategies to improve 100% of raw materials by focusing on research and development, and blending niche consumer needs to produce good quality, high ended cosmetic products. Thai cosmetics often include such natural ingredients as various herbs, aroma oils, extracts from flowers, fruits water plants. The most popular components are coconut oil, tamarind, turmeric and ginger, lime juice, pineapple, sesame oil, aloe Vera to name only a few. Each component and its properties are well studied by Quatech cosmetologists. For example, coconut oil is added to cream for dry skin, shampoos, toothpaste, lipsticks and other products. Aloe Vera also intensively nourishes the skin.
Natural Ingredient Exploration

What QuaTech Offer?

QuaTech Innovation


At Quatech, with our experienced personnel in research and development, we are passionate about discovering new Thai natural active ingredients, developing customer tailored formulations and testing of different products. We receive many requests from manufacturers of cosmetics, hair care, skincare and other personal care products for formulation, testing and development of new products.

QuaTech Ingredients


We focus on extracting Thai natural active ingredients which are then used in developing new formulations of skincare products, hair care products and cosmetic products. These ingredients include Anthocyanin, Bromelain from pineapple root, Xanthone from mangosteen pericarp, Areca nut, Protein hydrolysate from rice bran, and Bai mee extract.

QuaTech Insight


As experts and solution providers for cosmetic research in beauty industry, we do not only offer our first-rate technology, but we are also at your service during the entire project. Our service comprises research review service, efficacy evaluation test, inhibited ingredients testing, lab test for cosmetic products, patent registration service, stability and compatibility testing, skincare workshop and training, and ingredients research service.

Collaboration with universities in Thailand

We conduct high-level technological research and development with Kasetart university, Thamassat University and Kingmongkut University. We all know the traditional mission of university which is the pursuit of research to reveal new knowledge, and a company’s ultimate goal is profit. But this has changed. Universities have now become more entrepreneurial in their outlook, and Quatech has a great appreciation for the expertise of academic researchers and how that can contribute to the success of the company. And, today, collaboration is crucial to successfully bring new research finding into competitive markets.

Inventing Possibilities and Opportunities

As public interest in sustainability continues to climb, many cosmetic manufacturers are seeking more natural and environmentally-friendly emulsifiers and ingredients for their products. Quatech, with its natural active ingredients, increases its sustainability initiatives by taking ownership for its impact on global health and economies. By working with us for your manufacturing, you will gain authority and respect among consumers as well as suppliers and other members of the distribution chain.

We help your business to take position itself in the global market with our natural and sustainable ingredients. We also create new opportunities for Thai farmers by enhancing the local natural products and transform it into a high-quality product that is internationally recognized.

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